3 Tips For Packing Your Own Stuff During A Move


Moving houses is generally a daunting and stressful process, which is why it can be easier to hire professional movers to handle the heavy lifting. However, there are some aspects of the move you can handle yourself to save time and money. If you break down the packing process into a series of phases, you may find that the entire process goes on a lot smoother and that everything is ready come moving day. 

Start early

When it comes to moving, planning early is often a great determinant of success. Start gathering moving boxes from grocery/furniture stores or purchase sturdy boxes from a moving company months in advance so you can start pre-packing items you don't use on a daily basis such as stored cookware, books, and clothes.

You should also purchase other moving supplies such as box cutters, packing tape, marker pens, and paper wrap to help facilitate the packing process. Be sure to also clear out items you don't use in your closets/cabinets or unused items stored in the basement or garage. Selling or donating unused items will help de-clutter the home and ensure you don't waste space and time packing items you no longer use.

Label moving boxes

A sure way to make the unpacking process less stressful and to keep track of all your belongings is to label your moving boxes. Write down the contents of each box with a bold marker pen, using bullets to break down the specific contents therein and an arrow to indicate the top of each box.

You can also use different colors for boxes going to different rooms to make the load-in and unpacking process much easier. Remember not to pack immediate essentials such as toothpaste, daily meds, needed cookware, and bedding/clothing until moving day. 

Protect your breakables

Fragile glasses, plates, and other kitchenware can easily shatter if not packed correctly. To prevent damage, you can use sturdy boxes and wrap all fragile items in bubble wrap to act as a buffer against impact during transit.

You should also ensure that fragile kitchenware is tucked snugly in the moving boxes to minimize movement. Finally, be sure to seal all boxes with packing tape to prevent breakable items from falling out while loading or unloading. 

Your prior efforts should typically make moving day that much less stressful, as all your belongings will be packed and ready to be loaded into the truck by your moving service.


17 January 2017

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