7 Tips For A Sane Moving Experience


Despite your best efforts to make the experience as carefree as possible, moving day will have some stressful moments. Fortunately for you and your family, taking steps now to handle those stressful moments will keep your move going forward and keep everyone in relatively good spirits. To help you accomplish just that, here are some preparations you can do before moving.  

Plan your trip. Unexpected issues, such as low hanging trees or narrow bridges, can make moving stressful. In the days before the trip, drive the route and look for potential issues. Look for alternative routes to bypass problems you and the movers cannot easily pass.  

Avoid last minute packing the night before. Moving is an all-day affair. Try to have all of your preparations completed a couple of days before the move so that you and your family can take the night before the move to have fun and rest.  

Alert the neighbors. A few days before the move, check in with your neighbors. Let them know you are moving and that it could possibly be noisy. By doing this, you are avoiding a moving day confrontation with agitated neighbors. 

Arrange a pet sitter. Moving is not only an anxiety inducing experience for the humans involved, but also your pets. To save you and them some stress, ask a friend or family member to keep your pets at their home until the move is complete.  

Get a babysitter. If you have young children, allowing them to spend time with family or friends on moving day can help keep them out of the way and also prevent boredom on their end.  

Set realistic goals. Even with the best planning, problems can crop up and throw your plans off track. To prevent a total meltdown when your to-do list is completed as you want, keep your goals realistic. Focus on what is most important and be willing to push some tasks to the next day. 

Take breaks. It is important to realize that as the moving day progresses, your helpers will get tired. Exhaustion can sap the joy out of everyone involved in the move. To help keep everyone refreshed, take occasional breaks. Be sure to have drinks and snacks available for everyone, including the movers.  

By working with the movers and keeping your family involved, you can get through moving day without too many challenges and in relatively good spirits.


11 January 2017

Tips for Moving From State to State

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