Reasons To Rent A Bigger Moving Truck Than You Think You Need


When you're getting ready for a move and contact a moving company to arrange for the rental of a truck, you'll often be asked to describe the size of your home. The number of bedrooms and the square footage that you have will typically influence the size of truck that you should rent. It can often be a good idea, however, to opt for a truck one size bigger than which is recommended to you. Generally, the difference in price will be minimal, and you may find that a larger truck will make your life easier on moving day in a number of ways. Here are some reasons to rent a bigger moving truck.

Easier To Pack Items

When your moving truck is on the smaller side, you'll often find that loading your possessions into the truck's storage area feels like a game of Tetris — you need to place each item just right to get everything to fit. This dilemma is stressful and can also slow down your progress on moving day. And, while some things such as boxes are easy to pack into a truck, items with abnormal shapes, such as potted plants, statues, and clothing on hangers, can be a challenge. With a larger truck, you don't have this same issue as you pack your possessions in.

Ability For People To Access The Truck Concurrently

A smaller truck may seem cramped, which means that your progress in loading the truck can slow to a crawl as one person at a time puts his or her boxes in the truck. With a larger one, you'll have no trouble entering the rear of the truck at the same time as someone else; you can each stick to your own side, and quickly put down whatever you're carrying without getting in the way of each other. This is especially ideal if you'll have multiple helpers on your moving day, as you want people to keep busy instead of be slowed down.

You Won't Likely Find It Harder To Drive

A larger moving truck isn't typically much harder to drive than a medium-sized truck. It's a big adjustment to go from a standard-sized vehicle to a rented moving truck, but if you're comfortable handling a medium-sized truck, you'll likely be fine with a larger truck. Larger trucks require you to apply the brakes a little sooner, given their extra weight, and you'll also have to keep an eye out for obstacles overhead when you're backing up. Otherwise, you'll be able to safely move the truck around in the same manner as a smaller truck.


10 January 2017

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