Tips for Moving Your Fish


Moving fish is considerably more difficult than moving cats or dogs. Fish require an entirely different environment that needs to travel with them, and that can make them more difficult for you to move. Luckily, there are professional moving companies that have moved fish before and will be able to help get your fish to their final destination safely. Here are some tips for moving your fish.

1. Ask Whether the Moving Company Prefers Buckets or Bags

The first thing that you want to do if the professional movers are going to be the ones physically transporting your fish is to ask whether they prefer to move the fish in bags or to move the fish in buckets. If they prefer to move the fish in buckets, purchase enough five-gallon buckets that will be able to hold 80% of the water from the tank in which your fish are currently living. Transport that water to the buckets and evenly disperse the fish into each bucket. Give the buckets to the professional movers.

If the movers prefer bags, purchase special moving bags for fish online. These bags are going to be a lot stronger than your traditional plastic baggies. Then, put about 80% of the water from the tank into the bags and put the fish in the bags so that each fish has enough room to swim around slightly. Be sure that you also leave air in the bag for the fish.

2. Transport the Tank Empty of Other Objects

Do not be tempted to put things in your empty, clean tank. This increases the chances that the tank will crack. Instead, fill the take with loosely crumpled newspapers and give it to the movers. They will ensure that it reaches its destination unharmed. If you are really worried about the tank breaking, you can wrap it fully in newspaper to help protect it against any jostling.

3. Put Plants from the Tank in a Bag with Water from the Tank

Finally, take the plants that you might have in the tank and put them in bags with the water from the tank. These plants have beneficial bacteria on them. Keeping the plants in the water from the tank will allow the bacteria to survive and repopulate the tank when you arrive at your final destination and set your tank up again.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in moving. You can find moving companies by visiting sites like


5 January 2017

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