Keeping Moisture Away From Your Stored Belongings


If your belongings are packaged and ready to place inside a storage unit for temporary safe-keeping, you will most likely want to keep them free of damage while staying in your allotted enclosure. When a storage unit suffers from excessive humidity, moisture accumulation tends happen. This can cause havoc to many personal items, including the risk of wood rot, mold, mildew, or rust. To keep items free of moisture damage, try some of the following tips when placing them in a storage unit.

Check Over The Entire Unit Beforehand

It is very important to take the time in evaluating the condition of the exact storage unit you will be renting before you place your items inside. If there are any cracks in the walls or ceiling, they will need to be filled in with caulk to help keep moisture and warm air from getting inside. If the door does not provide a tight enough seal, moisture and humidity can make its way underneath. Checking the unit in detail is best so you can have the storage facility make any necessary fixes to help in keeping your belongings safe.

Lift Items Away From The Floor

Many storage facilities are constructed with cement-poured slabs for the flooring of their units. When warm air hits this cool surface, condensation may occur. Moist areas may show up on the flooring, putting your personal items at risk for water damage if they are resting directly upon the surface of the cement. It is best to lift items prone to water damage. Invest in a metal storage shelving unit to help keep cardboard boxes, metal items, and/or wooden treasures safely elevated and away from moisture prone areas. Wooden pallets can be placed in your unit to lift up heavier items away from the cement floor. 

Use Moisture Grabbing Agents In Your Unit

Purchase a few dissident containers from a local home goods store and space out their positioning within the storage unit. These work well at capturing moisture from the air so it does not become a problem for your belongings. Check the contents of the containers every time you visit your unit and replace them with new ones if the sand inside of them is clumpy or solid. Briquettes of charcoal or wooden cedar pieces work as natural dissidents. Simply place pieces of one of these mediums inside bowls and set them in your storage unit to aid in the elimination of moisture.

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14 December 2016

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