Types Of Commercial Storage Based On What You Need To Store


Commercial storage comprises several types of specific storage units as they relate to commercial and business purposes. If you are looking to store specific items, you may need a specific type of commercial storage.  Here are some specific types of commercial storage and how they may suit your particular needs.

Shipment Storage

Commercial storage for shipments usually involves warehouse space. Most boxes and crates are so large they cannot be placed anywhere else, and oddly-shaped packages also have to have their own warehouse space. If your company is a shipping company, then you need more commercial space of this type. Be sure to look into stacked shipping crates for extra space, even if it is on a temporary basis.

Fleet Storage

Where are your fleet vehicles when they are not on the road working? Surely you do not leave them sitting out in the open on a lot. Here, your fleet vehicles are vulnerable and may even be stolen. Fleet storage is highly recommended so that your company vehicles are fully protected against damage and theft. If you cannot build your own fleet garage, rent commercial storage space that provides vehicle storage. Make sure every employee that drives a fleet vehicle during the day returns it to the garage in the evening and that all employees are aware of where the garage is and who is responsible for locking up vehicles at night.

Defunct Plant Equipment 

If your company has recently shut down an entire plant, you probably still have a lot of equipment from the defunct plant that you need to store somewhere. Commercial storage of this type requires really large spaces that can be locked up. That means you will need commercial garage-type spaces with really high ceilings and possibly some temperature-controlled units of monumental size.  Check commercial storage units that boast immense space and see if any of them offer heat- and environment-controlled units in these large sizes. 

Storing Your Heat-Sensitive Commercial Equipment

This final type of commercial storage requires that you keep all items in a a very well-controlled environment. Your unit has to be set within a few degrees of the "safe" temperature and then you can load up the unit with the items that need to remain within very rigid temperatures. If your unit has two temperature controls, then you can set the one for the bare minimum temperature and the second one for ten degrees above that.

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12 December 2016

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