Three Ways To Move REALLY Heavy Furniture


Every home in America has something that is undeniably heavy. It could be a grand piano, a roll-top desk, a full wall entertainment center, or a king-size bed. Whatever it is, moving it even a foot in any direction is a Herculean feat. Yet, it does not seem to deter anyone from buying these immense and really heavy pieces of furniture. If you need to move something of this sort and you know you cannot do it alone, here are three ways to move it across a room, up the stairs, and/or down the stairs.

Completely Disassemble It and Reassemble It

This is the least popular way to move really heavy furniture, but it is still quite effective. It will not work with a piano, but most of the rest of the heavy furniture in existence will work. Take the whole thing apart to its bare bones. Move piece by piece to your desired location and reassemble the furniture there. The one saving grace of moving heavy furniture this way is that you can usually move the whole piece yourself, albeit in a more tedious fashion.

Rent Piano Dollys

Piano dollys are designed to lift and move pianos, but they are effective at lifting and moving just about any really heavy piece of furniture. Depending on the size of the piece, you may need more than one. A grand piano, for example, needs at least two piano dollys to sufficiently support its weight before being rolled across the floor. A king-sized bed may need four (one piano dolly for each corner) or five (one extra to support the very center of the bed). Be sure to size up the job at hand, and then rent the number of piano dollys you think you will need.

Hire Some Muscle

Movers do odd jobs, too. You can hire movers with some muscle to come help you move this single piece of furniture. This would definitely come highly recommended if you need to move the piece downstairs or upstairs. Movers generally charge by the hour for this type of job, so if they are able to move that one piece in less than an hour, you may want to get them to move something else to make your hour of service worthwhile.

You could also get some of your muscular friends to help out if you have some. Otherwise, your average-built friends can do it with the assistance of dollys or other lift equipment. Make sure your friends are in good health and know proper body mechanics before they attempt to lift anything for you.


7 December 2016

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