Important Tips for Moving Overseas


Are you thinking about accepting a job offer in another country? Are you unsure of whether you'll be staying there permanently or will be moving back to the United States in a few months or years? Moving to another country, whether temporarily or permanently, usually involves a lot of planning in order to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Fortunately for you, there are a few things you can do to help make things easier. Some of these things include:

Sort your belongings into different groups:  The first thing you should do is go through and figure out everything that you can either throw away or donate. This group should include things that can be easily replaced or that would be more expensive to ship than to get a new one later. Once you've done this, you should set aside things that you might want to keep but that you won't necessarily need immediately. This might include snowshoes, if you're moving overseas to a tropical locale, or your favorite out-of-print books. Finally, you should be left with a small amount of personal belongings that will be making the trip with you.

Rent one or more storage units: If you're pretty sure that you're not going to be moving overseas permanently, you should rent at least one storage unit that can hold your belongings while you're away. However, if there's the possibility that you might wind up staying overseas more or less permanently, you might want to consider renting a second storage unit. The first unit can hold things that you'll only need once you move back home, the second unit will hold things that you don't want to ship now but that you'd like to have later once you're overseas. You can then have a friend or a family member ship your beloved books or other belongings to you once you've settled into your new home.

Double check your belongings: Now that you know what you'll be taking and what you'll be leaving behind, you may think that you've overcome one of the biggest hurdles of moving overseas. However, you still need to make sure that you're actually allowed to bring or use everything that you want to. Some cities or countries have laws that might ban some of your favorite things. For instance, in Capri, Italy, the wearing of "loud" flip-flops is banned. If you're heading to the Caribbean, Barbados bans the wearing of any form of camouflage. As a result, your favorite hat or some other article of clothing may be illegal. In most instances, items that are legal in the United States should be legal overseas, but it's better to check for prohibited items just to be safe.

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13 October 2016

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Hello. My name is Emily, and I have moved more than twenty times during my life. I have become an expert at moving from one state to another, and I can tell you exactly what you need to know when faced with this challenge. Do you know how to easily find out the laws in your new state? Do you know how to get licensed to vote and drive? I can help you with all of these jobs and more. I'll provide an easy checklist to make sure you've thought of everything and give you some helpful tips that you can use along the way.