Make Your Life Better By Getting A Year-Round Storage Unit


Many people believe that self-storage units are a short-term solution for a temporary clutter problem, and therefore, they only plan to keep a storage unit for a couple of months. However, some homeowners have found that keeping a permanent storage unit is a wonderful idea that simply makes their lives better in many different ways. Here's a look at how storage units can improve your life during every season of the year:

Storage in Spring

If you have ever given up on spring cleaning because there was just too much stuff lying around, that was probably because you didn't have a storage unit nearby. Easy access to storage can allow you to move winter clothing and other seasonal times out of your home to make spring cleaning chores go more efficiently. After you've cleaned your closets, you can then move the spring and summer wardrobe items that you've been storing in your unit since fall back to your home in time for the warm weather!

Storage in Summer

If there are students in your home who will be celebrating high school graduation this year, you are probably already feeling the bittersweet pangs that are part of watching your children turn into adults. If they will be going off to college, away to work, or joining the service, they probably won't be in any position to take all of their belongings with them -- and that's where storage comes in. You can move select items to the storage unit and free up more space in your home! Summer is also the perfect time for that garage sale, so put up signs, take your sale items out of storage, and get ready to make some money.

Storage in Fall

Fall is the time to start winding down from summer, and that means putting away outdoor furniture, barbecues, and summer clothing. You can take all of this stuff to your storage unit to keep it safe and dry for use next summer. Fall is also the time to take your cold season wardrobe out of storage. you can also put hobby items such as croquet sets, kites, tennis rackets, and other types of summer sporting equipment away. It's also time to get out your seasonal decorations in time for the holiday festivities!

Storage in Winter

Storage units are particularly handy in winter. You can use them to store holiday gifts when you don't want them to be found by prying eyes, books, culinary items such as leftover canning jars and your pressure cooker, and anything that you don't want cluttering up your home during the winter season. You can also keep seasonal lawn and garden equipment in a storage unit if you don't have a garden shed.

Getting a storage unit close to your house will make it even easier for you because you'll be able to simply hop in your car and go get what you need. Contact a local storage facility like Grand Central Storage today and start your seasonal storage!


28 October 2014

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